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March 29, 2024

Trakindo Successfully Achieves the Best Customer Experience at World Level

Trakindo once again won the award as The BEST Customer Experience in the world at the 2023 Caterpillar Global Operational Excellence Award

Trakindo once again won the award as  The BEST Customer Experience in the world at the 2023 Caterpillar Global Operational Excellence Award, a world-class event organized by Caterpillar to recognize dealer performance  globally based on excellence program metrics. There are five categories competed, including Services Commitment, E-Commerce, Customer Experience, Digital Marketing &; Data Quality, and Retail Transformation.

Previously, at the awards at the Asia Pacific Distribution (PPE) level  which was held virtually on March 7, 2024, Trakindo managed to become the number one dealer for the Customer Experience category for two consecutive years, namely in 2022 & 2023. In addition, for the first time Trakindo also won the best award for  the Services Commitment category  at the PPE level for 2023.

After winning these two victories, Trakindo had the opportunity to represent PPE to compete with other Caterpillar dealers at the global level. Once again with proud results, Trakindo won an extraordinary award as the BEST Customer Experience at the world level. 

The award as  the best Customer Experience in the world signifies that Trakindo is globally recognized for being able to provide exceptional service and satisfaction to its customers. This award reflects Trakindo's commitment to understand customer needs, exceed customer expectations, and consistently provide the best experience across various touch points.

This achievement is the result of hard work and synergy throughout 2023, and proves that Trakindo's customer service standards are recognized globally as  Top Dealers at the World Class Standards level.  Obtaining a consistent Net Loyalty Score, high Employee Engagement Score, and Fast & Sure Commitment for customers is the key to our success in providing Exceptional Customer Experience.

This recognition is the fruit of the Impementation of Vision, Mission, and Core Values from all employees who continue to provide Fast & Sure commitment to support customer business progress, starting from responding to customer problems in less than 1 hour, ensuring the availability of critical spare parts within 24 hours, the speed of technicians to leave on the same day,  the availability of services on weekends, the readiness of digital applications to access information quickly and easily, to provide certainty and comfort in transacting with Trakindo as  a trusted dealer.

Trakindo will continue to be committed to sustaining profitable business growth for loyal customers and forming a winning culture in accordance with the theme of Trakindo 2024, namely "Sustaining Profitable Growth and Winning Culture Mindset".

Trakindocommitted to Advancing Customers Forward.