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We are Here to Advance You Forward

Our Brand Spirit, Core Values, and Leadership Traits are a unified principle for all Trakindo people from the moment Trakindo was established. They serve as our commitment and identity that characterized and differentiate us from the rest. These principles provide clear direction company-wide and encourage us to reach our common goal. Ingrained in our minds, hearts, and actions, they are reflected in the experience we provide to our stakeholders every day. Ultimately, our brand is the reason for our existence: to advance you forward for the greater good.

Trakindo Brand Spirit

Advancing You Forward is Trakindo brand spirit, that acts as a beginning, foundation, reference, guidance, and destination for everything that Trakindo does for all its stakeholders; custoemrs, employees, partners, society, and shareholders.

Advancing You Forward is Trakindo commitment to be the driver that empowers and advances our audiences capabilities and performance forward to reach their goals and nurture sustainable success.

Core Values

  • Integrity
    We enforce the highest ethical and moral standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in all activities
  • Continuous Development
    We are committed to continuously developing both our companies and employees.
  • Excellence
    We continuously strive to achieve the highest standard of result.
  • Proactive
    We pursue and adopt new techniques and approaches to improve our business quality.
  • Teamwork
    We promote and support a multicultural workforce based on trust and respect, achieving goals by communicating appropriately.
  • Accountability
    We assume responsibility to stakeholders for all the decisions and actions taken.


  • Competence
    Display leadership competence in making correct decisions.
  • Visionary  
    Set encompassing goals; have a well-communicated vision that all members of the organization would take into ownership; envision how to succeed and establish priorities based on the company’s core values.
  • Inspiring  
    Exhibit confidence in all interactions; take charge; demonstrate endurance; communicate, inspire, and empower others to achieve new heights.  
  • Self-Actualization
    Develop self potential and seek new challenges.
  • Honest and Humble  
    Be sincere, modest, reliable, and straightforward in maintaining trustworthiness.

Brand Image  

Characters of the people in Trakindo are as follows: 

  • Leader & Pioneer 
  • Striver 
  • Self Challenger 
  • Caring