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Contribution in Empowering People: Creating Positive Impact for Better and Sustainable Future

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), or what Trakindo refers to as Corporate Citizenship, is an integral part of our business. Even before regulations regarding CSR were established, our founding father had a mission to create decent and quality jobs for the people of Indonesia. This mission is reflected in Trakindo programs as a responsible business citizen, particularly in the field of education. We have designed and implemented programs and activities in education, health, environment, and humanitarian assistance to ensure a balance between business, the environment, and society for sustainable progress.

Through our Corporate Citizenship initiatives, Trakindo demonstrates our commitment to making positive changes in the communities we serve. We believe that it is our responsibility to give back to society and to support the development of future generations. By investing in education, health, and the environment, we are able to contribute to the well-being of our communities and help create a better future for all.

For Trakindo, Corporate Citizenship is not a program designed for the short-term but a program aimed at the long-term. This is one form of the company’s contribution to contribute and empower people. In a mathematical sense, doing business means seeking profit, but Trakindo believe that Corporate Citizenship is the soul of all that we have done until now. For us, a more important component is how we manage sustainable Corporate Citizenship that is not affected by business performance. Trakindo manages four pillars of Corporate Citizenship, namely: Education, Environment, Health, and Compassionate Relief. 



The pillar of Education is the biggest part of Trakindo’s Corporate Citizenship program. The company focuses itself on education because, as a national company, Trakindo wants to contribute in advancing the country’s future.

The pillar of Environment. The implementation of its Environmental Corporate Citizenship is done as part of Trakindo’s daily operations activities.

In the pillar of Health, Trakindo commits to implementing health program as an important part of the Health, Occupational Safety and Environment (K3L) of its employees and the community.

The Compassionate Relief pillar embraces Trakindo’s concerns regarding the natural and humanitarian disasters that often occur in Indonesia, and are set forth in this pillar.

The implementation of Trakindo’s Corporate Citizenshipis expected to be the best practice for all Trakindo stakeholders: customers, employees, partners, shareholders and the community.