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"Maximize Your Productivity with Our Downtime-Reducing Solution - Save Time, Boost Efficiency, and Cut Costs Today!"

These Remote Services are available to improve how dealers support you – enabling them to troubleshoot and flash software updates remotely. This will improve dealer response time, reduce your machine downtime, lower product support costs and improve technician availability – improving jobsite efficiency.

Remote Troubleshooting
Remote Troubleshoot enables Cat dealers to remotely diagnose production equipment that is experiencing issues while also providing the ability to view live diagnostics, equipment parameters and download Product Status Reports (PSR) all while the equipment is still operating. If a physical repair is deemed necessary, Remote Troubleshoot will help ensure the technician arrives with the right parts, service tools, and instructions in hand, allowing the repair to be completed right the first time while avoiding multiple trips back and forth to the jobsite.

Remote Flash
For available models, software can now be updated remotely when new flash files are released. Once a new version of software is available, software update activities are triggered and the Remote Flash process becomes available in DSP, at which poin dealers can begin initiating flashes.