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Provide a Complete Range of Equipment for the Forestry Industry

Indonesia is blessed with vast forestry resources, which classified into two segments: Natural Forests and Timber Estate. For each segment, Trakindo can provide solutions for more effective and efficient end to end operations, from Land Preparation to Mill Yard Operation.


From pioneering to logging to land management, you need specialized equipment to work in the forest. That's why we continue to support forestry industry customers with machines and work tools that deliver on our promise of dependability.

1. Infrastructure

Prior to extract the tree from plantation area, the first thing must be built is access road, canal, base camp for worker and workshop for equipment and tools maintenance. Below models can help you prepare the infrastructure.

2. Harvesting

At this stage, the tree felled using chainsaw, felling head, or harvester head. Wood log then cleared from its branches by using machete, chainsaw or harvester head. After felled, contractor will provide debarked log if requested by buyer. The log then cut with certain standard length. We have best option for harvesting activities with Cat Hydraulic Excavator and SP 591 LX Harvester Head.

3. Extraction

After harvested, the log stacked and extracted to TPN (wood yard) beside the hauling road using boat, skidder, forwarder or “local boat” – modified excavator with log storage at the back to extract the logs. We have strong unit option for extraction activities through Cat Hydraulic Excavator with Fixed Grapple.

4. Processing

In this stage, logs which not yet debarked at harvesting stage, will be debarked using processing head or other methods. For this activities, we can offer you the best option through Cat Hydraulic Excavator with SP 591 LX Harvester Head.

5. Stacking/Loading

The logs which received from processing or harvesting then stacked in TPN (wood yard). The log loaded to truck for delivery to mill yard or sometimes directly fed to feeder. We provide Cat Hydraulic Excavator with Randall Rotating Grapple or Fixed Grapple for stacking or loading stage.

6. Mill Yard

At Mill Yard, the logs stacked to ensure pulp mill runs continuously. Cat 320DFM for Mill Yard operation is the best option.


To support our Forestry customers in purchasing Cat equipment, Trakindo can assist you in engaging our well-known financial partners. We will ensure your business gets the best financial solution, to cater your needs and requirements in running your operations.