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January 31, 2024

Bincang PERSpektif Trakindo Encourage Digital Transformation of Heavy Equipment Industry

A form of support to jointly find the best solutions for the industry in order to seize opportunities and continue to grow in the era of disruption

Jakarta, 31 January 2024 – Technology disruption has brought challenges as well as opportunities for the growth of various industrial sectors in the future. Adjustments are also needed, so that businesses can survive and adapt to the times. Understanding this, PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) as a provider of Caterpillar heavy equipment solutions in Indonesia, presents a Bincang PERSpektif themed "Digital Transformation for Optimal Business Performance" as a form of support to encourage the acceleration of digital transformation in various industrial sectors, as well as efforts to jointly find the best solutions for the industry so that it can continue to grow in the era of disruption.

Trakindo Chief Administration Officer Yulia Yasmina in her speech explained, in line with Advancing You Forward 's commitment to support increased customer productivity, Trakindo always strives to advance the ability and performance of stakeholders, both customers, employees and the community in order to achieve long-term goals and success, especially in this era of technological disruption. "Trakindo realizes that this technological development not only has tremendous potential in overhauling the industry, but also changing various aspects of human life, including digital economy, big data, robotics, to artificial intelligence. In line with this spirit, we also take part in finding the best solutions for the industry to continue to grow in the era of disruption by presenting Bincang PERSpektif as a regular activity to discuss important issues, which on this occasion prioritizes the theme of Digital Transformation for Optimal Business Performance," explained Yulia.


Welcoming the presence of the Bincang PERSpektif activity that prioritizes digital transformation as the main theme, COO & Co-founder of Corporate Innovation Asia Consulting (CIAS) M. Taufik Mardian explained that digital transformation has a very crucial role for companies in the midst of the era of technological disruption to compete and bring added value to customers. Research from Boston Consulting Group reveals that 70% of digital transformation carried out by companies does not achieve their goals, or arguably fails. "Although digital transformation seems to be a must for companies in the era of digital technology disruption, we all realize that starting digital transformation is not an easy thing. The role of management is crucial, especially in building understanding, while increasing employee engagement so that digital transformation goals can be achieved. By utilizing the use of digital technology, companies can optimize their business performance to improve operational efficiency, create innovative products and services, and expand the market," said Taufik.


Looking deeper into the heavy equipment industry, Chairman of the Indonesian Heavy Equipment Single Agent Association (PAABI) Etot Listyono stated that PAABI agrees that the implementation of digital transformation in the heavy equipment industry is very important to do. Based on the results of PAABI's internal survey, it was revealed that 100% of PAABI respondents agreed that the implementation of digital transformation is directly proportional to the company's business performance. As much as 77% of the digital transformation carried out by the company includes internal and external needs. Despite digital transformation, only 54% of respondents have succeeded, while 46% of respondents admit that digital transformation has not been implemented optimally in the company. The reasons vary, including because the application is still new and limited infrastructure in remote areas.


"PAABI enthusiastically welcomes this era of digital technology disruption. For this reason, we always strive to encourage members to continue to be able to adapt and maximize the use of digital technology, so as to provide positive value for improving the company's business performance," said Etot.


In line with one of the company's core values of sustainable development, Trakindo continues to adapt to advances in digital technology to encourage improved employee performance and customer service. Broadly speaking, applications developed by Trakindo are divided into two main categories that are made based on their target users, namely applications for Internal (employees) and also external (customers). 


Trakindo's Digital &; Information Technology Manager, Ari Widayanti also explained about the digital transformation carried out by Trakindo to improve service to customers. The application focuses on three main aspects, namely e-commerce, connectivity, and productivity. E-commerce, Trakindo provides for the sale of authorized Caterpillar parts that have been tailored to the needs of customers in Indonesia. Connectivity, presenting the VisionLink application to assist customers in managing their machine units, resulting in maximum operating hours, low operating costs, and optimal operation. Productivity, presents CAT Inspect which functions to download and complete inspections equipped with photo, video, and comment options. "In our experience, communication and coordination are the main keys needed to build an understanding of goals between the company and customers, until finally customers are willing to adapt to the new system implemented," explained Ari Widayanti. 


To maximize the potential of the company's human resources, Trakindo succeeded in developing the THRU Application, which is an application that covers the development of company information and administration including Human Resources needs, including leave, health, attendance, to official travel in the hands of every employee. General Manager of Human Resources Trakindo Ferry M. Butarbutar explained, the THRU application is present as  a One Stop Solution Apps that provide convenience for more than 7,800 Trakindo employees spread across various regions of Indonesia, so they can easily access office administration needs only through their mobile phones. "This application is very useful for us because not all employees can always be standby in front of laptops, especially those who have to be on duty in the field. In this case, consistency to build employee understanding is certainly needed so that its application can be optimal, especially many employees who are initially not used to using the application system, "said Ferry M. Butarbutar. 


Through the Bincang PERSpektif event and the digital transformation that has been implemented, Trakindo wants to inspire other companies to seize opportunities from technological advancements by utilizing the application of digital transformation for optimal business performance. Trakindo also hopes that this event can be the right forum for discussion, increasing knowledge, and increasing mutual awareness of the topics discussed. This is done so that we can find out how much opportunity can be generated, while anticipating the challenges that will be faced, so that the company's digital transformation can run effectively and provide optimal benefits for business development.