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Berkomitmen untuk Mendukung Industri Pertanian dan Perkebunan

The Agriculture sector cover numerous and complex activities. We can provide end-to-end service solution that you need from land preparation to maintenance, for many sectors of agriculture including plantations, farms, livestock and aquaculture.


Agriculture value chain describes primary and supporting activities in Agriculture industry to deliver product or service to the market. This value chain will help you choose the right Cat machines for your business needs.

1. Infrastruktur

To open new palm oil area, the first step to be done is to build access road, and canal refers to estate’s block design. Below models are the best option for infrastructure preparation. 

2. Persiapan Lahan

Next step is to clear the area inside the block from trees, weed, or others. You have below options to support your work in preparing the land.

3. Planting

Now it’s time to plant the palm oil seed onto the new prepared land. You might do this with full manually or semi-automatic. PT Trakindo Utama has the best option for semi-automatic planting with Cat Mini Hydraulic Excavator combined with Cat Auger. We also have Cat Hydraulic Excavator attached with chipping bucket to help you felled and chipped the existing tree. After that, the new planting can be done using full manually or semi-automatic machine.

4. Maintenance

The road in Palm Oil estate constructed to be the main hauling facility of harvested fresh fruit bunches (FFB). The FFB must be as soon as possible delivered to mill to be further processed. To ensure hauling can be done with fewer obstacles, the road construction must be maintained regularly. Beside the road, canal also needs to be maintained regularly as a transportation route, irrigation stream, and drainage stream. Below models are best fit for infrastructure maintenance. Cat Hydraulic Excavator, Cat Track Type Tractors, and Cat Backhoe Loader.

5. Mill

Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) which accepted in mill will be sorted in loading ramp to ensure the FFB meet with quality standard. After that, by some treatment, the FFB will be screwed to extract its oil. The waste of this process or by product can be used again as biomass fuel, organic matter, or as material for different product. We have the best option for mill and waste processing through material handling. Cat Wheel Loader, Cat Backhoe Loader, Cat Skid Steer Loader, Cat Diesel Generator set C Series, and POME utilization using Cat Gas Generator set CG Series.


To support our Agriculture customers in purchasing Cat equipment, Trakindo can assist you in engaging our well-known financial partners. We will ensure your business gets the best financial solution, to cater your needs and requirements in running your operations.