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Empower your maintenance with informed decisions.

A next-generation machine diagnostics tool with data reporting and visualization capabilities. It also gives technicians the ability to adjust machine configurations on the spot.

The Technician Toolbox is a desktop application that allows users to connect their respective assets, download data and visualize it in graphical representation. The application also supports file synchronization to Caterpillar Gateway which enables data for the cloud applications.

With Technician Toolbox, users can:

  • Connect to the VIMS ECM
  • View machine status, real-time data and payload details of loader and truck
  • Activate and deactivate data logger
  • Configure ECM by uploading/retrieving configuration files
  • Download VIMS files and auto merge it
  • Merge all downloaded VIMS file offline
  • Visualize asset details in widgets
  • Synchronize the downloaded VIMS files back to Caterpillar back office
  • Backup and restore data from application database