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Improve Productivity for Better Results with Technology

VisionLink® Productivity is a cloud-based platform that gathers and analyzes Cat Production Measurement, machine and jobsite data from all your construction equipment. Accessed via laptops or mobile devices, VisionLink Productivity helps you see how your assets are being utilized and lets you know how work is progressing wherever you are—on or off the jobsite.

The benefits of VisionLink

Analyze Performance


VisionLink Productivity presents you with actionable information that makes your business more efficient-and ultimately more profitable.

  • Measure, monitor and manage your productivity.
  • Track material types, tonnage moved, operating and fuel costs, per machine.
  • Pull payload data for analytics and compare productivity between shifts.

Improve Productivity


VisionLink Productivity analyzes asset performance to identify opportunities for increasing utilization and making better, data-backed business decisions quickly.

  • Use dashboard to detect and reduce high idle time.
  • Redeploy fleet based on hourly utilization updates.
  • Use data to determine haul cycle efficiency.

Increase Profits


VisionLink Productivity's report and dashboards provide details on total site costs, fuel consumption, cost trends and more.

  • Improve instances of high fuel burn and slower cycle times.
  • Assess utilization levels to reduce cost per ton and choose between new, used or rented machines.
  • Pull historical data for more accurate bids on future projects.