Trakindo Together with TMT Group Helping the Recovery Process in Palu

RUMTARA RG - Trakindo Palu
RUMTARA RG - Trakindo Palu_2
RUMTARA RG - Trakindo Palu_3

Trakindo together with TMT Group built up 25 units of Earthquake-friendly Temporary Houses (RUMTARA RG) in Dibonu Village, Balaroa Pewunu Village, and Pewunu Village in Sigi District, and renovated 3 class rooms at SDN Inpres 1 Ujuna Palu to help earthquake and Tsunami victims in Palu through the Early Recovery Palu program.

This assistance given is in line with Trakindo’s CSR Program which main pillars are; Education, Health, Environment, and Compassionate Relief. Trakindo, along with TMT Group, is determined to actively contribute on disaster relief as a commitment from all employees.

Trakindo hopes that the initiative could accelerate the recovery process.

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