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  • 950H - Medium Wheel Loaders
  • 950H - Medium Wheel Loaders
  • 950H - Medium Wheel Loaders
  • 950H - Medium Wheel Loaders
  • 950H - Medium Wheel Loaders


The 950H delivers performance you can feel in the most demanding applications. This machine offers unmatched operator comfort and efficiency in a world-class cab. New Performance Series buckets deliver decreased dig times, greater fill factors and superior material retention to increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption. Revolutionary electro-hydraulic (EH) provide low-effort finger-tip operation of lift, tilt and auxiliary work tool controls. The reliability, durability, and versatility of the 950H result in a machine that is better built to meet your needs.

Net Power
146.0 kW
Engine Model
Cat® C7 ACERT™
Operating Weight
18320.0 kg
Bucket Capacities
2.5-3.5 m3 (3.25-4.5 yd3)


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Tested and Proven - Ready to Work.

Caterpillar Designed Components

Components used to build Cat Wheel Loaders are designed and manufactured to Caterpillar quality standards to ensure maximum performance even in extreme operating conditions. Heavy duty components reduce the risk of premature wear thereby increasing uptime and reduce operating costs over the life of the machine.

Monitoring Programs

Monitoring product health is key to maintaining reliability of any equipment. Many programs offered by your Cat dealer make the tracking of your machine health quick and easy. These programs include Product Link™*, VisionLink™, and S∙O∙SSM Services. * Not all programs are available in all areas. See your Caterpillar dealer for details.

Renowned Cat Dealer Support

From helping you choose the right machine to knowledgeable support, Cat dealers provide the best when it comes to sales and service. Manage costs with preventive maintenance programs like Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·S) analysis or comprehensive Customer Support Agreements. Stay productive with best-in-class parts availability. Cat dealers can even help you with operator training to help boost your profits. And when it’s time for machine rebuild, your Cat dealer can help you save even more with Genuine Cat Reman parts, which have the same reliability and warranty as new parts at 40 to 70 percent of the new parts' prices on power train and hydraulic parts.


The H Series features many components which leverage product designs that have delivered reliable and durable machines for generations.

Better Built to Meet Your Needs.

Z-Bar Linkage

The proven Z-bar linkage with Performance Series Buckets offer excellent penetration into the pile, high breakout forces, good roll back angles and faster dig times. The results are improved tire life, superior fuel efficiency and exceptional production capabilities; all helping to enable a sustainable solution for your business.

C7 ACERT Engine

The Cat C7 engine with ACERT Technology maintains engine performance, efficiency and durability while dramatically reducing emissions. Electronic fuel injection is provided through the well-proven Caterpillar hydraulically actuated, electronically controlled unit injection (HEUI™) system. A wastegate turbocharger, equipped with a titanium wheel for improved durability, combined with air-to-air aftercooling provides consistent high horsepower with increased altitude capability.


The axles are designed to handle extreme applications resulting in reliable performance and extended life. The front axle is rigidly mounted to the frame in order to withstand internal torque loads and still maintain support for the wheel loader. The rear axle can oscillate to ±13 degrees helping to ensure all four wheels stay on the ground providing stability even in the roughest terrain.

Work Smart and Move More.


The legendary Cat planetary power shift transmission is updated with new shift logic. The downshift from 2 to 1 forward is now based upon torque requirements versus ground speed. This enables operators to use the fully automatic 1-4 mode which saves fuel and improves productivity and comfort. Speed shifts, both up shifts and downshifts have been dramatically improved for improved acceleration, speed on ramps and operator comfort.

Load Sensing Hydraulics

The 950H features a load sensing hydraulic system that automatically adjusts to operating conditions to provide only the hydraulic flow required by the implement for improved fuel efficiency. A new hydraulic valve has been implemented providing improved service access and machine weight distribution. Operators will notice enhanced ease of operation, more rimpull into the pile and an increase in lift force.

Constant Net Horsepower

The Cat C7 engine is electronically configured to provide constant net horsepower at full parasitic load, enhancing productivity and improving fuel efficiency.

On-Demand Fan

With electronic control of the variable speed on-demand fan, temperature levels of the engine coolant, transmission oil, hydraulic oil and air inlet manifold are constantly monitored. This data is used to control and maintain fan speed at the level necessary to maintain normal system temperatures. Controlled fan speed improves fuel efficiency, lowers noise levels and reduces radiator plugging.

Ride Control

The optional Ride Control System improves ride, performance and load retention when traveling over rough terrain. Operators gain confidence moving at higher speeds in load and carry operations decreasing cycle times and increasing productivity. Ride Control also reduces loads induced by travel over rough terrain and can extend the life of structures and drive line components.

Engine Idle Management System

The Engine Idle Management System (EIMS) maximizes fuel efficiency by reducing engine rpm after a selected amount of time. This gives customers flexibility in managing idle speeds for specific application requirements. Four idle control rpm levels are available.

Engine Idle Shutdown

The Engine Idle Shutdown feature automatically shuts down the engine after the machine has been idling for a predetermined amount of time. This saves you fuel and reduces hour accumulation on your machine.


Standard Equipment
Net Power - ISO 9249 146.0 kW
Engine Model Cat® C7 ACERT™
Net Power - 80/1269/EEC 147.0 kW
Peak Torque (Net) @ 1,400 rpm 907.0 N·m
Bore 110.0 mm
Stroke 127.0 mm
Displacement 7.2 L
ISO 14396/SAE J1995 (imperial) 162.0 kW
ISO 14396/SAE J1995 (metric) 162.0 kW
ISO 9249/SAE J1349 (imperial) 147.0 kW
ISO 9249/SAE J1349 (metric) 147.0 kW
Maximum Net Power (1,900 rpm) - ISO 9249/SAE J1349 (imperial) 147.0 kW
Maximum Net Power (1,900 rpm) - ISO 9249/SAE J1349 (metric) 147.0 kW
Standard Equipment
Operating Weight 18320.0 kg
Standard Equipment
Bucket Capacities 2.5-3.5 m3 (3.25-4.5 yd3)
Maximum Bucket Capacity 3.6 m3
Standard Equipment
Bucket/Work Tool System - Pump Output 270.0 L/min
Steering System Pump Type Piston
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Raise 6.2 Seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Dump 2.0 Seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Float 2.5 Seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Lower 2.5 Seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Rack 2.7 Seconds
Standard Equipment
Fuel Tank - Standard 264.0 L
Cooling System 42.0 L
Crankcase 30.0 L
Transmission 34.0 L
Differentials and Final Drives - Front 36.0 L
Differentials and Final Drives - Rear 36.0 L
Hydraulic Tank 110.0 L
Standard Equipment
Forward 1 6.9 km/h
Forward 2 12.7 km/h
Forward 3 22.3 km/h
Forward 4 37.0 km/h
Reverse 1 7.6 km/h
Reverse 2 13.9 km/h
Reverse 3 24.5 km/h
Reverse 4 40.0 km/h
Standard Equipment
Front Fixed front
Rear Oscillating ±13°
Maximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall 470.0 mm
Standard Equipment
Brakes Meets required standards.
Standard Equipment
ROPS/FOPS Meets SAE and ISO standards.
Standard Equipment
Tires Choose from a variety of tires to match your application.
Standard Equipment
Breakout Force 150.0 kN
Static Tipping Load, Full Turn (ISO) 10811.0 kg
Static Tipping Load, Full Turn (No Tire Deflection) 11540.0 kg
Standard Equipment
Center Line of Rear Axle to Edge of Counterweight 2001.0 mm
Center line of rear axle to hitch 1675.0 mm
Ground clearance with 23.5R25 397.0 mm
Height to top of ROPS/FOPS 3461.0 mm
Lift arm clearance @ high lift 4414.0 mm
Lift arm clearance @ standard lift 3916.0 mm
Height to Top of Exhaust Pipe 3278.0 mm
Height to Top of Hood 2448.0 mm
B-Pin height - standard 3992.0 mm
B-Pin height - high-lift 4490.0 mm
Wheelbase 3350.0 mm
B-Pin height @ carry - standard 624.0 mm
B-Pin height @ carry - high-lift 748.0 mm
Rack Back @ Maximum Lift 59.5 Degrees
Dump Angle @ Maximum Lift 48.2 Degrees
Rack Back @ Carry 49.4 Degrees
Rack Back @ Ground 41.0 Degrees
Height to Center Line of Axle 748.0 mm