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  • 938K - Small Wheel Loaders
  • 938K - Small Wheel Loaders
  • 938K - Small Wheel Loaders
  • 938K - Small Wheel Loaders
  • 938K - Small Wheel Loaders


The Cat® 938K Wheel Loader sets a new standard for productivity, fuel efficiency and comfort. Extremely low sound levels, large spacious cab and intuitive controls keep you working comfortably all day long. The new optimized Z-bar loader linkage delivers the performance and breakout forces of a traditional Z-bar linkage with the parallelism and load handling capability of a tool carrier. Experience the new industry benchmark.

Rated Net Power
126.0 kW
Cat® C7.1 ACERT™
SAE J1349
136.0 kW
ISO 9249 (1997)
137.0 kW


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Optimized Z-bar linkage delivers enhanced visibility with maximum productivity.

Optimized Z-bar Linkage

The new optimized patent-pending Z-bar linkage combines the digging efficiency of a traditional Z-bar with tool carrier capabilities for great performance and versatility. Parallel lift and high tilt forces throughout the working range help you safely and confidently handle loads with precise control. Linkage features excellent visibility to the bucket cutting edge and fork tips.

Superior visibility, ergonomics and comfort.

Best Seat on the Job Site

Enjoy all day comfort in the spacious new K Series cab: Extremely low sound levels. Superior visibility to the work tool due to wide curved windshield, redesigned Z-bar linkage, lines routing and work tool design. Automatic temperature control. Seat-mounted, ergonomic joystick for lift and tilt functions. Joystick includes integrated Forward/Neutral/Reverse switch and optional differential lock trigger, third and fourth function auxiliary hydraulics. Easy access to the cab with ergonomically placed grab rails, walk-up steps and large platform.

Easy to Use Instrument Panel and Display

An optional secondary display provides easy access to vital machine parameters and works in conjunction with the standard soft touch panel to allow real time adjustments. Machine information and diagnostics at a glance. Real time and historic fuel usage. Backup camera display. Help button plus 22 language capability. Adjustment of functions such as creep, third function flow, throttle and rimpull.

Maximum machine power, reduced fuel consumption.

Intelligent Power Management

The Caterpillar exclusive Intelligent Power Management system actively monitors operator input and power availability to keep the machine working at peak efficiency.


The Cat® C7.1 ACERT™ engine provides cleaner, quieter operation while delivering superior performance and durability. The engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA emission requirements. Maximum engine speed is now 1,800 rpm for reduced fuel consumption and lower sound levels. The engine also features: Class-leading fuel efficiency, significantly reducing owning and operating costs. Configurable auto idle shut down feature as standard equipment.


A smooth, step-less electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission provides adjustable power to the ground and superb groundspeed control for a multitude of tasks. Four speed ranges ensure maximum controllability for any task. Rimpull control enables you to match available tractive power to underfoot conditions, helping reduce tire wear. Creeper control lets you adjust machine groundspeed when using work tools such as brooms, snow blowers and brushcutters. Throttle lock feature allows you to maintain constant engine RPM regardless of machine speed.

Axles and Brakes

Available fully locking front differential axles and open rear differentials can be engaged at full torque on the go with a button on the joystick. Brake system includes independent service brakes on front and rear axles and a spring applied, electronically activated park brake.

Smooth, efficient operation helps you get the job done faster.

Load-Sensing Hydraulic System

K Series machines feature a new electro-hydraulic control system that is governed by the Intelligent Power Management system. The load-sensing, variable flow system senses work demand and adjusts flow and pressure to match. This allows full hydraulic forces at any engine speed. Programmable in-cab kick-outs are easy to set on the go for tilt, lower and lift. This feature is ideal for applications where the work cycle is repeatable. Caterpillar exclusive electro-hydraulic snubbing at programmed kickouts and rack/dump stops greatly improves operator comfort and component life in addition to improved material retention. Adjustable third function flow through the secondary display (when equipped) for use with hydro-mechanical work tools. Optional Ride Control System provides an even smoother ride and excellent material retention. Designed with dedicated pumps for steering and implements so there is no compromise in cycle times and efficiency for multi-function operation.

Do more jobs with one machine.

The Right Tool for the Job

An extensive range of work tools and bucket styles are available to make your Cat Wheel Loader one of the most versatile machines on the job site.

Performance Series Buckets

Performance Series Buckets utilize a system-based approach to balance bucket shape with the machine’s linkage, weight, lift and tilt capacities. They deliver higher fill factors and better material retention for significant productivity and fuel efficiency improvements. The buckets feature a longer floor, open throat and curved side bars.

Additional Buckets

Light Material Multi Purpose Sand and Gravel High Dump Wood Chip

Material Handling Work Tools

Pallet Forks Construction Forks Material Handling Arm

Work Tools for Special Applications

Dozer Blades Snow Plows Brooms Rakes Log and Lumber Forks Pipe and Pole Forks Side Dump Buckets Grapple Buckets Grading Buckets


The Cat Fusion™ interface provides coupler flexibility without compromise in breakout force and dump clearance. The advanced wedging mechanism creates a tight, rattle-free fit, eliminating play and wear for long service life. The open coupler frame design provides excellent line of sight to the work tool. An ISO 23727 coupler interface is also available for use with competitive work tools.

Customize your machine to meet your needs.

Configure the Machine the Way You Want It

A variety of options are available on the Cat K Series Wheel Loaders to suit your specific application needs. See your Cat dealer for more information about the features below and additional options. Coupler Options Counterweight Options HID Lights Turbine Precleaner Rear Camera in Grill Guards 3rd and 4th Function Hydraulics

Additional options include:

Power Train Side Guards Driveshaft Guard Rear Waste Gate RESPA Cab Filtration Lower Power Train Guard Crankcase Guard Optional Toolbox

Easy service to keep your machine working.

Easy Service Access

All service points are accessible from ground level. Three large service doors can be opened and closed in any order to give full access to filters and service points. Extended service intervals reduce service time and maximize uptime. Additional service features include: Caterpillar exclusive electric fuel priming pump. Jump start studs as standard equipment. Single plane cooling system with 6 fins per inch coolers as standard. Swing-up air conditioner condenser for easy clean out. Product Link ready (standard).

Unmatched support makes the difference.

Renowned Cat Dealer Support

Your Cat dealer is ready to help you every step of the way. From new or used machine sales, to rental or rebuild options, your Cat dealer can provide an optimal solution to your business needs. Unsurpassed worldwide parts availability, trained technicians and customer support agreements maximize your machine uptime.


Standard Equipment
Rated Net Power 126.0 kW
Model Cat® C7.1 ACERT™
SAE J1349 136.0 kW
ISO 9249 (1997) 137.0 kW
EEC 80/1269 137.0 kW
Bore 105.0 mm
Stroke 135.0 mm
Displacement 7.0 L
Net Torque 874.0 N·m
Standard Equipment
Operating Weight 15146.0 kg
Standard Equipment
Bucket Capacities 2.5 m3 - 5.0 m3 3.3 yd3 - 6.5 yd3
Standard Equipment
Wheelbase 3050.0 mm
Height to Top of ROPS/FOPS 3340.0 mm
Height to Center of Axle 685.0 mm
Ground Clearance 386.0 mm
Overall Length 7604.0 mm
Length - Rear Axle to Bumper 1968.0 mm
Center Line of Front Axle-Hitch 1525.0 mm
Wheel Base Length 3050.0 mm
Dump Clearance-Max Lift-45° 2869.0 mm
Bucket Pin Height at Max Lift 3969.0 mm
Overall Height - Bucket Raised 5242.0 mm
Reach at Max Lift and 45° Dump 1108.0 mm
Rack Back Angle at Max Lift 54.0 Degrees
Dump Angle at Max Lift 49.0 Degrees
Rack Back Angle at Carry 45.0 Degrees
Carry Height 467.0 mm
Digging Depth 100.0 mm
Standard Equipment
Static Tipping Load (Full Turn) 9698.0 kg
Reach - full lift/45 degree dump angle 1108.0 mm
Dump clearance - Full lift/45 degree dump angle 2869.0 mm
Articulation Angle 40.0 Degrees
Standard Equipment
Hydraulic Cycle Time 9.7 Seconds
Pump flow - Implement pump 190.0 L/min
Maximum working pressure 28000.0 kPa
Hydraulic cycle time: 9.7 sec
Raise 5.5 Seconds
Dump 1.5 Seconds
Lower, empty, float down 2.7 Seconds
Total 9.7 Seconds
Bore 120.0 mm
Stroke 789.0 mm
Bore 150.0 mm
Stroke 555.0 mm
Standard Equipment
Steering Articulation 40.0 Degrees
Steering angle, each direction 40.0 Degrees
Steering cylinders, two, bore 80.0 mm
Maximum working pressure 24130.0 kPa
Standard Equipment
Standard transmission max travel speeds: 40.0 km/h
Forward 1 13.0 km/h
2 13.0 km/h
3 27.0 km/h
4 40.0 km/h
Reverse 1 13.0 km/h
2 13.0 km/h
3 27.0 km/h
4 40.0 km/h
Standard Equipment
Fuel tank 195.0 L
Cooling system 32.0 L
Crankcase 19.5 L
Transmission 11.0 L
Front 35.0 L
Rear 35.0 L
Hydraulic system (including tank) 170.0 L
Hydraulic tank 90.0 L
Standard Equipment
ROPS SAE J1040 MAY94, ISO 3471-1994
FOPS SAE J/ISO 3449 APR98 Level II, ISO 3449 1992 Level II