Trakindo Supports Competency Certification to Enhance Human Resources Quality

Bincang PERSpektif Trakindo

Bincang PERSpektif Trakindo mengenai Sertifikasi Kompetensi dalam Meningkatkan Kualitas Sumber Daya Manusia

Bincang PERSpektif Trakindo 2

Bincang PERSpektif Trakindo mengenai Sertifikasi Kompetensi dalam Meningkatkan Kualitas Sumber Daya Manusia

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Bincang PERSpektif Trakindo mengenai Sertifikasi Kompetensi dalam Meningkatkan Kualitas Sumber Daya Manusia

Jakarta - Trakindo today hosts a discussion on the importance of competency certification in advancing Indonesian human resources quality to fulfill the needs for qualified human resources in heavy equipment industry. The competency certification program is a human resources development initiative aimed at enhancing productivity and competitive advantage. Trakindo shows its support in the government’s program through competency-based training programs and competency certification. 

Drs. Hery Sudarmanto, M.H., Secretary General of the Ministry of Manpower, the Republic of Indonesia, says,Human resources investment is a key in Indonesian human resources development to support the success of the national development as well as to face the competition following implementation of ASEAN Economic Community. Indonesia’s economy could become the seventh largest economy in the world, and to achieve this, Indonesia must require 113 million skilled workers. Currently, there are only 50 million skilled workers in Indonesia. Training programs and competency certification, therefore, is an essential part of Indonesian human resources investment. We hope business sectors, including state-owned and private companies, will cooperate more closely in enhancing human resources competency and fulfilling the needs of industries in Indonesia.”

Ir. Darwanto, Head of Secretariat of National Professional Certification Board (BNSP), says, “We are aware of mismatches in the needs for national job market and talents’ skills. Therefore, one of the strategies in accelerating human resources competency is through National Working Competency Standard (SKKNI) and competency certification. There are currently 624 SKKNI in 9 industry and services sectors. The government supports human resources competency development in anticipation of global competition, among others through Economic Policy Package XII announced in April 2016, one of which focuses on human resources enhancement. BNSP will also accelerate certification process for 120,000 professionals in 2017. 2,463,806 people have been certified as per August 2016.”

Pambudi Sunarsihanto, Chairman of Indonesian Society of Human Resources Management, says, “Job market in the ASEAN region is more open during ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) era today, thus creating a fiercer competition. We need to enhance Indonesian human resources competency to face the battle. In addition to the knowledge gained from formal education, talents need to obtain certification and competencies to win the competition in the AEC era. Competency certification is important so that Indonesian human resources have references to enhance their competencies and attain standards acknowledged by related institutions. Competency certification also makes employee recruitment process easier, leading to faster recruitment of highly potential and competent workers. This also entails significant time and costs efficiency in recruitment process. Meanwhile, for customers, competency certification also brings added value as it ensures customers that they receive the best services from competent professionals.”

Maria T. Kurniawati, Chief Administration Officer, PT Trakindo Utama, says, “As a corporate citizen, Trakindo actively participates in Indonesian economy development, among others through human resources development in heavy equipment industry. In line with Trakindo’s mission to create high quality job opportunities, we are committed to advancing Indonesian human resources competencies through certification. Tens of employees at Trakindo have received certificate of competencies in various fields, among others Certified Marine Analyst, Certified Electric Power Analyst and Certified Hex Master Technician from Caterpillar, for enhanced support to customers. More than 50 Trakindo employees have also gained certificate of competencies in human resources. Furthermore, hundreds of Trakindo’s employees and customers have received Lifting and Carrying Equipment Operating License in which the license issuance is through partnership with Indonesian Ministry of Manpower.”

Haris Mustarto, Human Capital Division Head, PT Trakindo Utama, says, “Aware of the importance of increased quality of heavy equipment technicians and operators, Trakindo has been actively takes part in skilled human resources development. We provide training programs for technicians such as Technician Development Program to develop skills and competencies as well as enhance services to our customers. Acquiring must-have competencies standards to accomplish numerous tasks using Caterpillar heavy equipment line that includes different machines with various capacities is mandatory for Trakindo technicians. They are required to have 50 general competencies, including remove & install component, unit inspection, preventive maintenance, disassemble & assemble, testing & adjusting, diagnosis & analysis, trouble shooting, communications and presentation skills.”

Competencies in operating and maintaining heavy equipment units will also increase corporate’s efficiency and productivity, including in the mining industry.

Indra Kanoena, Director of PT Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama (BUMA), says, “Competencies in operating, maintaining and repairing heavy equipment units also plays an important role in the mining industry. As a mining contractor, we benefit from heavy equipment operators and technicians competencies development, which supports our productivity and efficiency by 18 percent annually. We have long been partnering with Trakindo to broaden knowledge and skills in operating and maintaining Caterpillar heavy equipment units. Around 3,000 technicians and operators of PT BUMA have joined training programs held by Trakindo’s instructors who have received accreditation from Caterpillar. We believe the number will increase in the future. Our partnership with Trakindo will continue to advance the development of highly competent professionals.”

To support Indonesian human resources development, Trakindo provides infrastructures to encourage human resources enhanced competencies, such as 11 training centers throughout Indonesia and various programs to develop skills related to heavy equipment for Trakindo’s employees and customers.

Trakindo also partners with 8 Vocational Schools (SMK) and 6 Polytechnics to generate ready-to-work and highly competent graduates in Heavy Equipment Techniques Studies. The company also provides industry internships, teachers and students competencies development, practical tools and learning materials provision as well as scholarships. Trakindo also hosts Heavy Equipment Techniques Competencies (K3TAB) at its Vocational Schools and Polytechnics partners all over Indonesia. In addition, Trakindo also organizes Trakindo Servicemen Award Program (TSAP) to assess technicians’ skills and competencies in accomplishing their tasks.

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