Trakindo Strengthens Support to Teacher Competence Development

Praktik Pembelajaran Guru Terbaik Trakindo 2017

Trakindo strengthens its support to teacher competence development in the efforts to enhance character-based national education through Learning Best Practices from the Best Teachers workshop (Praktik Pembelajaran Guru Terbaik/PPGT) and Project-based Learning competition (Kompetisi Pembelajaran Berbasis Proyek) 2017 in Jakarta. Trakindo has been organizing the PPGT since 2012, and the Project-based Learning competition is part of Trakindo Bangun Karakter Bangsa education program commenced in 2016. Trakindo’s contribution in providing training programs to advance teacher competencies has been recognized by the Indonesian government in a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2016 between Trakindo, as the government’s partner, and the Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Republic of Indonesia.

Ali Alhabsyi, PT Trakindo Utama Managing Director says, “Trakindo supports the efforts to strengthening teachers competencies and advancing the national education, which is in line with our vision, mission and commitment. Trakindo Bangun Karakter Bangsa program is our contribution to support the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Strategic Planning (RENSTRA) 2015 - 2019 aimed at elevating learning quality and relevance for character development. Through PPGT workshop, teachers have the opportunities to develop and share knowledge as well as implement the best practices in their schools. Furthermore, Project-based Learning is also required to boost character values in strengthening character-based education, including responsibility, independence, creativity and critical thinking.”

PPGT workshop 2017 brings the theme “Highly Qualified Education Personnel to Advance Young Generation” featuring speakers among others, Dr. Arie Budhiman, M.Si., Character Development Expert Staff Member at Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture, as well as Frans Sugiarta, Education Academy Director, United in Diversity Forum. Selected teachers of Trakindo’s 40 elementary state-owned school partners throughout Indonesia, teachers from other elementary schools and guests share their experiences and knowledge in this workshop.

During the workshop, Project-based Learning Competition 2017 participants’ works are displayed in an exhibition as well. Trakindo’s 40 elementary state-owned school partners participate in the competition. A panel of judges then has shortlisted four finalists based on several criteria, including positive impact of the project-based learning on their school environment and the community, active involvement of students, various respondents as sources of information, mediums for dissemination of research results, and a wide-reaching research publication.

Project-based Learning is an effort to enhance character-based education coming from various challenges occurred within school environment, thus leading to real results for students, school environment and the community. All Trakindo’s elementary school partners have been adopting the Project-based Learning program and they are enthusiastic in taking part in the Project-based Learning competition. We hope this program will promote motivation to keep on working and inspiring other people to support the success of the national education,” Ali added.

Aside from elementary level, Trakindo also implements its corporate social responsibility program on higher education levels. Trakindo has been partnering with the Directorate of Vocational School Development since 1996 to support vocational schools and polytechnics in Indonesia to develop Heavy Equipment Study Program. Through Trakindo Cooperative Program (COOP), Trakindo partners with eight vocational schools (SMK) and six polytechnics in Indonesia through the curriculum that has been adopted by the government as the national curriculum to nurture highly qualified and decent generation in heavy equipment industry sustainably. Currently, more than 3,000 graduates and 100 teachers have gained benefits from the COOP program


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