Trakindo Opened Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S) Laboratory at Trakindo BSD

Trakindo SOS Laboratory BSD_1

Trakindo SOS Laboratory BSD

Trakindo SOS Laboratory BSD_2
Trakindo SOS Laboratory BSD_3

Trakindo inaugurated a Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S) laboratory located within Trakindo BSD branch office on Jl. Kavling Komersial Taman Tekno Blok B No.1 Sector XI, Serpong, South Tangerang, Banten 15310. The S.O.S laboratory was previously located in Trakindo head office in Jakarta. The S.O.S laboratory relocation is aimed at fulfilling increased customers needs. Trakindo’s S.O.S laboratory runs a series of diagnostic tests, which analyze lubricating oil or fuel used in heavy equipment or other equipment. The analysis helps to identify problems early before a component failure occurs, thus reducing repair costs and downtime.

Tema S. Mendrofa, General Manager, Java Division, PT Trakindo Utama, says, “In addition to providing Caterpillar’s various heavy equipment units and solutions for our customers’ business advancement, Trakindo also offers services to support customers efficiency and productivity, among others the Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S) program. With more than 25 years of experience in oil analysis, Trakindo has highly qualified human resources to process up to 7,000 samples every month from customers in Sumatera (35%), Java (25%), and East Indonesia (40%). Our commitment to enhancing services in maintaining customers’ equipment to reach maximum performance is reflected in our S.O.S laboratory currently located at Trakindo’s branch office in BSD, Serpong, supported with advanced testing and diagnostic facilities. The S.O.S laboratory in BSD is one of our existing three S.O.S laboratories located in Balikpapan (Kalimantan), Batu Hijau (Sumbawa) dan Kuala Kencana (Papua).”

The S.O.S laboratory in BSD is Trakindo’s second largest S.O.S laboratory in Indonesia and has a quality certification ISO 17025 since 2009. Advanced testing facilities with the latest technology enables the S.O.S laboratory in BSD to analyze not only oil samples but also other samples such as coolant, diesel fuel, filter gram, patch test, waste water analysis and distillation. The S.O.S laboratory delivers calibration services (mass, volume & temperature) as well.

The S.O.S program, enables customers to measure their equipment effectiveness based on oil analysis parameters such as: Wear Analysis, Oil Condition Analysis, Physical Test, Oil Cleanliness and Oil Contamination. Fluid samples are processed, and the analysis result will be ready within one day of receipt at the laboratory. Oil samples analysis results are managed and stored using Oil Commander software, and customers are able to obtain the analysis report by either logging into the Oil Commander system or receiving the reports through emails. Referring to S.O.S analysis report, customers are aware of their equipment condition, thus easier for Trakindo to immediately provide right maintenance or repair services in case of equipment failures.

Trakindo also facilitates training for S.O.S program to increase customers’ knowledge about oil analysis. The training programs are run according to training schedules set at Trakindo’s branch office in BSD, Serpong, or based on customer’s request dates.

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