Trakindo Invites Public to Create Synergy in Education

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Rapid development of technology and information has boosted the emergence of a new era called the 4.0 Industrial Revolution. The government makes various steps to address the era, including boosting the education line through strengthening the character education. As a form to support and succeed the government’s program, Trakindo invites whole communities to participate and realize the synergy in Education through Bincang Perspektif talk show with the theme of “Synergy in Education for Strengthening Nation’s Character in the Era of 4.0 Industrial Revolution”, at Graha I Hall, the Ministry of Education and Culture, Jakarta (7/11).

Setio A. Dewo, Director & Chief Financial Officer Trakindo explains the 4.0 Industrial Revolution is a system that integrates the online world with industrial production, as well as other fields that start using digital technology and automation. “The development of industrial revolution should be a serious concern of all parties, especially for the development of children’s character as the future generation of the nation. We should take advantages of this moment to teach children to think positive, be able to select good information, as well as train the mindset of the children,” explains Dewo.

The 4.0 Industrial Revolution era obviously has an impact on education sector, on which the information flows freely and can be accessed easily by everyone without knowing the source of the information. It certainly needs to be anticipated not only through the way of teaching, but also through a more essential way that changes the perspective on education concept itself.  

Director of Primary School Development, Director General of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr. H. Khamim says the world of education as the front line in improving the character of future generation should be able to adapt quickly and adjust to the skills that must be owned in the 21st century. “In this case the government has a very strategic role to develop the nation’s character, by creating program and regulations that support Presidential Regulation No. 87/2017 related to the implementation of strengthening the education of character,” he explains.

Strengthening the education of character is an effort made by the government, in this case the Ministry of Education and Culture, for the education of moral aimed at developing a better character of a child, who is always ready to face any changes. One of the government’s programs to encourage character education is through harmonization of soul, mind, and body in accordance with Pancasila. The five main values of character in elementary school students are embodied to the Program of Character Education Strengthening (PPK), namely Religious, Nationalist, Independent, Mutual Cooperation, and Integrity. 

Dewo further explains, as a member of society Trakindo encourages the realization of the synergy of the Education Center as an effort to strengthen the nation’s character through education program at 40 elementary schools in Indonesia. “In line with this, Trakindo also launches the “Bangun Karakter Bangsa” book as our commitment to support the government program of strengthening the education of character,” concludes Dewo.

Meanwhile, regarding the role of schools in addressing the 4.0 Industrial Revolution era, Eminarti, S.Pd. as representative from SDB 65 Pekanbaru says that schools and teachers as part of educational tools have a role to keep updated on the latest technology and information, so that they can encourage students to respond appropriately to any information they receive. “Other than schools, family and community also play an important role in selecting the usage of technology as a tool for learning outside the school,” she explains.

The synergy of Education Center is expected to be an effective mean in developing the character of children in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0. The Education Center is three integrated parties who are responsible for the implementation of education for children. They are the family, school, and community. Family and community as the nearest environment for children are expected to play an active role in fostering the positive character values in a child, among others, by encouraging the culture of literacy and spirit of learning.

Executive Chairman of the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, Prof. Dr. H. Arief Rachman, M.Pd. says that character building is a long process. Therefore, the children need to get character education since the very early ages, supported by characteristic environment. “The realization of synergy between schools, family and community that runs well can provide an optimum character development for children. Through this synergy, we may expect to grow understanding that knowledge gained at school will be actualized at the community,” says Arief.   


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