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Trakindo hosted a Harbor Tug Seminar in Jakarta entitled “Collective Commitment to Advancing Indonesia’s Maritime Industry”. This seminar embodies Trakindo’s proactive efforts in supporting maritime industry development in Indonesia that is also in line with the government’s efforts to enhance the maritime industry. In this seminar, stakeholders in maritime industry have the opportunities for sharing information about ports and the needs in activities related to port operations.

Maria T. Kurniawati, Chief Administration Officer, PT Trakindo Utama, said, “Maritime industry also receives huge attention for further development from the Indonesian government as reflected in the idea of Indonesia as the Global Maritime Axis declared by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, which includes among others sea toll. The sea toll concept covers port capacity improvement throughout Indonesia, port digging as well as fulfilling required facilities in ports, such as tug boats provision. Trakindo fully supports the government’s vision through among others facilitating an education and communications forum for stakeholders in the maritime industry in Indonesia. Trakindo also provides the maritime industry with marine engine propulsions.”

Bunyamin Sukur, Vice President Peralatan, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero), said, “We support the realization of the Global Maritime Axis through seaports capacity development so this will bring Indonesian seaports on par with other world-class seaports. Port capacity improvement is aimed at making Indonesia as a hub and doing direct calls to Asian, American, Middle Eastern and European regions. In the future, we will also develop competitiveness through smart port concept in equipment operation and maintenance using modern technology.”

The Harbor Tug Seminar features experts in maritime industry that consists of high level executives of state-owned enterprise in logistics and seaports management and development; state-owned enterprise in maritime services; state-owned enterprise in assist and tug services; shipping technology enterprises as well as marine propulsion systems providers. Tug owners, top level executives of tug builders, maritime association members and maritime consultants also join the seminar.

Turitan Indaryo, Deputy Head of Ship Industry, Indonesian Shipbuilding Association (IPERINDO), in his presentation noted that IPERINDO that has more than 150 players in shipping industry put the effort to the realization of the Global Maritime Axis idea through support in the development of infrastructure and interconnectivity islands and strengthens maritime defense system. Maritime industry development, including shipyard industry, is projected to increase in line with the sea toll implementation, especially in the Eastern Indonesia region.

Maritime industry development also requires support from ship component industry, including marine engine providers. Trakindo supports maritime industry growth by providing Caterpillar’s propulsion system for tug boats, cargo vessels, ferry & cruise ships. In addition, Trakindo has Tanjung Priok marine depot located close to Tanjung Priok seaport to improve service to marine industry players such as accelerating response rate as well as repair and maintenance of ship propulsion system.

The seminar also displays Caterpillar’s latest technology and innovation in ship propulsion system. Information on Trakindo Marine Command Center is also available to seminar participants.

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