Excellence in Technician Development

Trakindo Excellence Technician Development
Trakindo Excellence Technician Development 2

PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) has completed an amazing technician career development journey. For several years, Trakindo committed to providing excellent career opportunities to their technicians. Recently, Trakindo achieved the highest level of Excellence in the Caterpillar Technician Career Development Process Accreditation (TCDP). This makes Trakindo the third Cat dealer in the world, and first in Asia Pacific to have completed this journey.

Trakindo had initiated the process of creating the technicians’ development program as early as 1996. Since then, Trakindo embarked on a journey to set up learning and development activities aimed at developing service technicians’ competencies for a fulfilling career. Trakindo technician development programs led the road map by defining clear job descriptions, identifying technician’s competency levels, and paving a well-defined career path coupled with remuneration and benefits exclusively for service technicians.

The TCDP implementation within the organization has significantly improved the quality of services provided to its customers due to the availability of competent technicians round the clock.

Trakindo Training Center is a strategic talent development partner for service operation; and has helped service operation in fulfilling both business needs and customer’s requirements.

Trakindo is committed to have a learning culture within the organization in line with one of Trakindo’s Core Values – Continuous Development. With ongoing support from Caterpillar, technicians were provided opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills, attributes and attitude which have benefited the organization.

As a dynamic learning community which facilitates mentoring, coaching and inspiring individuals to work towards their potential, Trakindo has been recognized not only for providing highest quality training and development but also for continually advancing business ethics.

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