Excavators Deployed to Help Evacuation in Palu

Trakindo TMT Palu Excavator 1
Trakindo TMT Palu Excavator 2
Trakindo TMT Palu Excavator 3

Trakindo deployed Cat® excavators to help the evacuation process of the 7.4 magnitude earthquake and Tsunami victims occurred in Palu. The excavators were handed over to the Military Resort Command 132/Tadulako whereas the first priority was to help evacuation of victims in the ruins of Roa-roa Hotel.

Together with PT Tiara Marga Trakindo (TMT), Trakindo has also prepared an Emergency Response Team (ERT) in providing logistical assistance for the victims. Align with Trakindo’s CSR progam pillar of Compassionate Relief, the initiative is expected to contribute in the disaster handling, and furthermore the recovery process.

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